The Cause

All proceeds from the CB Group UWI 5K will go directly towards the development of sports and the education of the most talented and in-need students here at Mona. Help us develop the next generation of athletes and scholars through your support for the CB Group UWI 5K Run/Walk.


It is a fact that The UWI Mona has produced some of brightest minds that have made a major impact here at home and internationally. It is also a fact that far too often some of the most academically gifted students have to shy away from pursuing their dreams due to the inability to fund tertiary education. Some students who are more than capable of specializing in areas of interest have to opt for more affordable programmes rather than specialize in areas of strength; some have to opt out of tertiary level education all together due to financial constraints. We want to give more of the most deserving students a chance to realize their truest potential.

These scholarships will benefit students who are entering University, as well as those who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies while enrolled. Many students have benefited from scholarships over the years, and we would love if many more of our talented and in-need students could benefit. This annual 5K will provide a steady flow of funding for these scholarships.

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In acknowledging the importance of sport, particularly track and field to Jamaica; its power in unifying our nation, the hope it provides to our people, the joy it brings to our friends and families, and the glory it brings to our country’s name, The UWI Mona is on a drive to enhance its approach to athletics development. The UWI Mona Bowl for Sporting Excellence is home to the world’s best, Jamaica’s glory- a highly motivated group of young persons who want to make a difference as the future of Jamaica’s sporting powerhouses. The UWI is firmly committed to unravelling and developing the talents of our young people, firmly committed to developing sports in Jamaica, firmly committed to the success of our athletes.

We are already on our way with the development of the UWI/Usain Bolt Regupol Track, however, there is much more to be done to increase the effectiveness of our athletic programmes. The notion to ponder is, if our athletes are doing so well now, imagine what they can do with greater assistance and better facilities. Also, we hope to broaden the focus to include and introduce Jamaica on the global stage in other sporting disciplines. Given this reality, the CB Group UWI 5k is intended to raise much needed funds to improve the overall athletic development at the institution, including:

  1. Increasing the number of scholarships on offer and affording more young athletes the opportunity to stay home and train Staying home will eliminate the issues faced with adapting to life overseas, as they will remain in a familiar environment which will allow for an easier transition into training regimes. They will also be closer to families and friends, and surely, they will receive world class training.
  2. Improving the training facilities. Currently, the facilities at the Mona Bowl are not comparable to other institutions around the world. The gym is too small, the grass field needs to be resurfaced and levelled, the equipment needs to be upgraded, Locker rooms need to be expanded, and there is currently no room available for physiotherapy and other sport medical activities, among other things. After winning the bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics, Hansle Parchment stated that his chances at a medal drastically improved through the use of the modern facilities available in London. He further suggested that he may have been able to break the World Record if these facilities had been available at the UWI Bowl.
  3. Implementing a proper feeding programme for athletes Nutrition is a critical tenet of an athlete’s development. Vitamins and supplements are costly, but play a vast role in the improvement of an athlete’s training performance.
  4. Academic Assistance Given the fact that these athletes will be participating in intense training sessions, will have a full track and field schedule, and will be travelling for track and field meets, effort must be placed on assisting them to balance the academics with the sports. The best tutors will have to be recruited and remunerated to assist the many athletes who will be training on a daily basis.
  5. Provide in house sports related physicians/ assistants
  6. The presence and guidance of Physiotherapists, Orthopaedic surgeons, Chiropractors, Sports Psychiatrists, Masseurs, and Nutritionists will be paramount to the success of our athletes. Injuries, mental lapses, and the lack of customized diets, are typical hindrances to athlete development. The long term appointment of these practitioners will reduce the risks associated with training regimes. Just imagine how disappointing it would be to see Jason Young develop a career threatening injury just weeks before the Olympics, and realizing that had a physiotherapist been present on an ongoing basis, it would have been highlighted earlier.